10 Amazing Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

August 9, 2017


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Looking for an uncommon solution to the common problem of finding a unique birthday gift for girlfriend? What will she like, will she prefer using it, does she have this already? All these questions come to your mind. Gifting has been around for such a long time that it is only normal for you to run out of innovative gifting ideas. Here’s a list of new ideas that we bet you wouldn’t have thought of before! Read on and you can thank us later!

Pop Art

If she loves something funky and chic, pop art should be your choice. Take any picture of hers and turn into art with the help of an editor. You can even find a source online to edit. Experiment with the frame and the panels. It not only looks colorful and vibrant but is a gift worth cherishing forever.


If she loves reading, there is no reason why you shouldn’t gift her a book. Visit the bookstore and spend some time finding a book she would like to read. You can also add a small hand-written note on the front page dedicating the book to her. (Disclaimer – Don’t buy cheesy love stories please!)

Personalized Mobile Cover

Smartphone is something everyone carries and uses these days. It is a good idea to gift her a personalized mobile cover that will remind her of your gift every day. It could be her picture, picture of you two together, minimalist design or a quote she likes. So many awesome options are available online, you just need to pick something she will love.


If she loves stylish accessories and if you can afford an expensive gift, look for Titan, Fossil or Rado watches. They have an exclusive collection for women. Watches with a big dial are in trend these days. (Disclaimer – Time is a precious resource, gift her a watch but also give her your time, nothing can replace that.)

Skin Care Products

To show that you care for her, it is better to buy skin care products rather than buying clothes. You just need to know her skin type in order to buy something that will suit her skin. Organic products are the best. Knowing her favorite fragrance will also help you pick a product she will like.

Personalized Box

Have you seen personalized gift boxes that are square in shape and can be opened with a customized element on each side. You can add pictures, messages, smileys to it. Get creative with it and surprise her with a unique gift. Put in all your heart in customizing the box and she will surely appreciate your efforts to gift her something personalized and creative.

Sling Bag

If she is a bag-lover, find a perfect sling bag for her. Look for her favorite color, brand and depending on how she uses it in her everyday routine, buy something suitable. You can visit a retail outlet near you or look for sling bags online.

Dream Catcher

Carved with little pieces of inspiration, dream catcher is a beautiful looking piece of art. It is something she can hang near the window of her room. You can also look for dream catcher earrings or keychains if you wish to gift her something more stylish.

Personalized Dairy

If she loves writing, there is nothing better than gifting her a dairy. You can personalize it with a creatively designed cover or an abstract design, it could be inspired from her favorite season or place. Just think of something really nice and get it customized. (Disclaimer – Don’t get her initials on the cover, it is done & dusted!)

Customized Chocolate Wrapper

If she loves chocolate, take that love a step further with a customized chocolate wrapper. You can print a picture of you two on it or write a special message. Depending on how you wish to do it, you will be able to find vendors both offline and online.