Ideal Advice For Men Sending Flowers to Someone

August 9, 2017


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Men often find it very difficult to choose the right gift or flower arrangement to send someone. Males have a lesser sensory perception to colour and scents; and when it comes to the subject of flowers, it can be really confusing at times. When you want to send flowers to Vietnam to a lover, a client, or relatives; you should choose the right kind of bouquet for the occasion. Here are some popular floral arrangements, and how they would best suit different occasions –

#1 – Pink Lilies and Roses in a Bouquet: This is a very popular combination for people sending flowers, and it portrays a message of romantic tones; but is much more subtle than just red roses. The best florists will make sure that such a bouquet is well decorated with earthy coloured ribbons and bows to make them aesthetically more appealing.

#2 – White Gerberas and Roses in a Basket: Such an arrangement of white flowers and lighter tones are better highlighted on a backdrop of wild grasses and scented leaves. The combination of white and mild lavender or yellow floral decorations is popular during the holidays when many people want to send flowers to Vietnam. This kind of basket is also very popular for messages of condolences; but in such instances, the other colour combinations are not used, and the overall decoration is left to a more natural soft tone.

#3 – Purple Orchids in a Vase: The colour purple is a lively colour, and great to express the depth of a new friendship; or an occasion of joy. While orchids do not have a particularly strong floral scent, they are very beautiful to look at and elegant as visual decor. Orchids are perfect gifts for people who have an interest in gardening, since these won’t die off eventually like flowers. For messages of condolences, people often send white orchids which are an everlasting reminder of some who is no longer with you.

#4 – 2 Dozen Orange Roses in a Basket: If you want to send flowers to Vietnam, you should look for a florist who can design some rare and unique combinations for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Orange is a very rare colour when it comes to flowers, but roses come in some delicate shades of orange and cream which can be used in various large and small decorations. They make an excellent corporate gift because they have a lively aura and give a sense of bonding whenever someone sees their lively yet subtle hues.

#5 – Sunflowers in a Bouquet: Sunflowers are always appreciated because they offer something different compared to other flowers like roses, lilies, or carnations. A bouquet of sunflowers reflects a message of incomparable liveliness that few other gifts can match. Such a bright bouquet is excellent to cheer someone up, or as a get well soon message. It can also be sent over to relatives and friends on joyous occasions of any kind to brighten up the mood.